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导读:photoshop cc中/英文菜单翻译对照,各种菜谱的英文翻译to with beef in sour soup 石锅无骨 48 元 bonless meat in stone pot 生煎黄鱼鲞大 68 元中 58 元 pan fried dried yellow fish 虫草花木耳煮丝瓜 38 元 boiled loofah with agaric and aweto 金玉满

photoshop cc中/英文菜单翻译对照
photoshop cc中/英文菜单翻译对照

各种菜谱的英文翻译to with beef in sour soup 石锅无骨 48 元 bonless meat in stone pot 生煎黄鱼鲞大 68 元中 58 元 pan fried dried yellow fish 虫草花木耳煮丝瓜 38 元 boiled loofah with agaric and aweto 金玉满堂 38 元 Treasures fill the home 陈麻婆鱼豆腐 38 元 amapo fish tofu 法式煎鹅肝配黑椒汁 88 元/位 french style fried goose liver with black pepper sauce 鹅肝炒时蔬 68 元/fried goose liver with seasonal vegetables 鲽鱼排骨豆腐煲 68 元 spareribs and Flatfish with tofu pot 皮虾白菜粉 32 元 Cabbage vermicelli with shrimp 鲍鱼烧肉 38 元/位 braised meat with abalone 鲍菇炒爽肉 38 元 fried Boletus of the steppes with meat 双辉百饺银鳕鱼 38 元 codfish with double-kind dessert dumpling 腊味银丝娃娃菜 28 元 preserved meat with yellow bean Sprouts and baby cabbage 参须烧鹿筋 88 元 braised deer tendon with Gensing 木瓜百合炒虾球 88 元 fried shrimp ball with Papaya and lily 酸菜牡蛎鲅鱼丸 48 元 Oyster with Mackerel ball with mustard cabbage 椒丝腐乳浸牛展 58 元 soaked beef shank with pepper and preserved bean curd 滋补羊排 88 元 nourish lamb steak 茶树菇金钱肚丝 58 元 southers popiar mushroom with golden coin tripe slices 炸烹虾段 68 元 fried shrimp sections 金丝吊三果 58 元 gold thread with three nuts 翠衣虾球配烧麦 26 元位 shrimp ball with shaomai and vegetables 焗卤牛排配香草粉 88 元 spiced beef steak with Vanilla powder 津门四喜碗 68jinmen four happiness bowl 椒香卤烧羊排 88 pepper flavour braised lamb steak 秘制剁椒大鱼头 48 半只 special large fish head with chopped pepper 海王蒸土鸡蛋 32 steamed home run chicken egg with seafood king 干锅针笋 36 Griddle cooked needle bamboo 石锅黑椒牛仔骨 78 位 fried beef ribs with black pepper in stone pot 油盖茄子 68 例 oily eggplant 鱼香茄骨煲 38 元 fish flavour eggplant with bone pot 碧绿时蔬浸海龙 38 元 soaked Sea Dragon with green seasonal vegetables 咸柠檬炖牛尾 18 元 stewed beef tail with salt lemon 三鸡炖水律蛇 28 元 stewed Rat snake with three chicken 凉瓜鱼唇羹 38 元/位 fish snout with bitter gourd soup 准杞炖乳鸽 28 元 stewed Chinese wolfberry with spring pigeon

主廚精緻套餐 Meal The one and only 即使擦身而過也是一種緣,更何況是营养食谱翻译,菜谱翻译,菜单翻译,酒水翻译,饮料翻 译,酒店饭店饮食翻译,英语日语韩语各个语种都能翻译,精确经典翻译,行业翻译标 杆!质优价低,有著作 << 汉英英汉营养学大辞典 >>,电话 180-82320843; 181-12019834;请加翻译 QQ:362847926. 菜单翻译 菜单在线翻译 菜谱翻译电话 180-82320843 ; 181-12019834 ;请加翻译 QQ:362847926. 菜谱英文翻译 菜谱中文翻译成英文 餐厅菜单翻译 翻译菜谱 饭店翻 译电话 180-82320843;181-12019834;请加翻译 QQ:362847926. 各种菜谱的英文翻译 酒店翻译 烹调翻译 食谱翻译 食谱英文翻 译 英文菜单翻译 英文菜名翻译 英文菜品翻译 英文菜谱翻译 英文的菜谱电话 180-82320843;181-12019834;请加翻译 QQ:362847926. 英语菜品翻译 英语菜名翻译 英语菜单翻译英语菜谱翻译中国菜谱翻译中文菜单英文译法电话 180-82320843 ; 181-12019834;请加翻译 QQ:362847926. 不約而同卻能相聚一堂...等待...意外的邂逅… 豪情四海豬排飯 The One Deluxe Pork Steak with Vegetable & Rice 12.95 豪情四海魚排飯 Deep Fried Fish with Vegetable & Rice 11.95 黃金甲雞排飯 The One Deep Fried Chicken with Rice (醬料 6 選 1) 9.50 ( Choose any one out of sauce 6 醬料 6 選 1 ) 黑胡椒蒜茸醬 Garlic & Black Pepper 檸檬美乃滋 Lemon mayonase 泰式酸甜辣醬 Thai Sweet&Sour Chili Sauce 照燒塗醬 B.B.Q. Sauce 哇沙比照燒醬 Wasabi Teriyaki 咖哩淋醬 Curry Sauce 另外加醬$1.00 (Charge $1.00 for Additional Sauce) 1 麻婆豆腐飯 Ma Po Tofu with Rice 9.75 2 台式滷肉飯 Meat Sauce on Steam Rice with Vegetable 7.75 3 蒜泥白肉飯 Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce & Rice 9.75 4 鐵路香腸便當 Taiwanese Railway style Sausage 9.75 5 回鍋肉片飯 Sliced Pork with Special Spicy Sauce with Rice 9.75 6 咕咾肉套餐 Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice 9.75 7 台式控肉飯 Taiwanese Style Stewed Pork with Rice 9.75 8 咖哩牛肉飯 Beef Curry with Rice 9.75 9 紅燒牛肉飯 辣/不辣 Braised Beef with Rice /Spicy 9.75 10 鹽酥雞飯 Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets with Rice 9.75 11 宮保雞丁飯 Kung-Paw Chicken with Rice 9.75 12 台式三杯雞飯 Taiwanese Style Chicken with three Spices 9.75 13 紅燒栗子雞球飯 Spicy Chestnut Chicken Meal 9.75 14 左宗棠雞球飯 General Tsao's Chicken Meal 9.75

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28川味口水雞套餐(冷盤) Szechwan Style Spicy Chicken Meal (C)(P) 9.75 蔥油雞套餐(冷盤) Green Onion Chicken Meal (C) 9.75 椒麻雞套餐 Spicy Pepper Chicken Meal (P) 9.75 咖哩雞球飯 Chicken Curry with Rice 9.75 辣豆瓣魚飯 Chili Sauce Fish with Rice 11.95 糖醋魚片飯 Sweet and Sour with Diced Fish Meal 11.95 玉米魚片飯 Sweet Corn with Diced Fish Meal 11.95 茄汁甜不辣飯 Fish Cakes with Special Tomato Sauce 9.75 魚香茄子飯 Eggplant in Spicy Ground Pork Sauce 9.75 塔香茄子飯 Eggplant with Green Basil in Spicy Ground Pork Sauce 9.75 醬爆茄子飯 Eggplant in Ground Pork Sauce 9.75 三杯豆腐飯 Deep Fried Tofu with Three Spices 9.75 魚香豆腐飯 Deep Fried Tofu with Spicy Ground Pork Sauce 9.75 宮保豆腐飯 Kung-Paw Tofu with Rice (P) 9.75炒飯 Fried Rice… The one and only 離鄉背井的學子…旅途中…思念有媽媽的味道……… F1 泡菜炒飯 Korean Kimchi Fried Rice 9.99 F2 雞絲炒飯 Chicken Fried Rice 9.99 F3 蔬菜蛋炒飯 Vegetable Fried Rice 9.99 F6 香腸炒飯 Taiwanese Sausage Fried Rice 9.99 F7 XO 醬炒飯 The One Special XO Sauce Fried Rice 10.99 F8 古早味黑金炒飯 Country Style Fried Rice with Soy Sauce 9.99 F9 甜不辣炒飯 Fish Cake Fried Rice 9.99 F10 鹽酥雞炒飯 Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets Fried Rice 9.99 F11 宮寶雞丁炒飯 Hung-Paw Chicken Fried Rice (P) 9.99 F12 火腿蛋炒飯 Ham and Egg Fried Rice 9.99 F13 夏威夷炒飯 Hawaiian Fried Rice (with Pineapple, Ham and Egg) 10.99 F14 蝦仁蛋炒飯(8pcs) Egg and Prawn Fried Rice (8pcs) 12.99 炒麵 Fried Noodle… The one and only 如戀曲般纏繞著…難以自拔…… 1 沙茶牛/羊肉炒麵 Satay Beef or Lamb Fried Noodle 9.99 2 沙茶豬/雞肉炒麵 Satay Pork or Chicken Fried Noodle 10.75 3 沙茶海鮮炒麵 Satay Seafood Fried Noodle 12.50 4 XO 醬牛/羊肉炒麵 XO Sauce Fried Noodle with Beef or Lamb 11.75 5 XO 醬豬/雞肉炒麵 XO Sauce Fried Noodle with Pork or Chicken 11.25 6 XO 醬海鮮炒麵 XO Seafood Fried Noodle 12.99

7 家常牛/羊肉炒麵 Home Style Fried Noodle with Beef or Lamb 10.75 8 家常豬/雞肉炒麵 Home Style Fried Noodle with Pork or Chicken 10.50 9 海鮮炒麵 Seafood Fried Noodle 11.25 10 蔬菜炒麵 Vegetable Fried Noodle 10.50 11 宮寶雞丁炒麵 Kung-Paw Chicken Fried Noodle (P) 10.75 12 台式炒米粉 Taiwanese Style Fried Rice Noodle 9.50 13 海鮮炒米粉 Taiwanese Style Seafood Fried Rice Noodle 13.75 鍋 寶 Hot Pot The one and only 品鍋物,品人間美味.一種滿足... 溫暖一顆疲於奔命的心尋找失散多年的回憶 P1 美味豬排火鍋 The One Deluxe Pork Steak Hot Pot with Rice 13.95 P2 一品牛肉鍋 The One Deluxe Beef Hot Pot 16.88 P3 紅燒牛三寶鍋 Spicy Beef Trio Hot Pot w/ Beef Brisket, Tendon, and Tripe 12.95 P4 泰式香辣鍋 Thai Spicy Seafood Hot Pot with Sliced Pork 13.95 P5 韓式泡菜鍋 Korean Kimchi Spicy Hot Pot with Rice 10.95 P6 美味海鮮鍋 The One Seafood Hot Pot with Rice 13.95 P7 牛奶海鮮鍋 The One Seafood Hot Pot with Milk 13.95 P8 麻辣酸菜魚片鍋 Spicy Sour Mustard and Fish Hot Pot 13.95 P9 酸菜魚片鍋 Sour Mustard and Fish Hot Pot 13.95 P10 關東煮火鍋 Japanese Assorted Oden Hot Pot 12.95 P11 餛飩鮮雞鍋 Taiwanese Wonton with Chicken Hot Pot 13.95 P12 素食養生鍋 The One Vegetarian Herbal Hot Pot 13.50 P13 麻油雞麵線鍋 Sesame Chicken Hot Pot with Noodle 13.95 P14 滋養補氣太極鍋 力拔山河氣蓋世 The One Deluxe Hot Pot with (Chicken, Sliced Beef, Lamb, Pork) & Rice 25.99 可自由搭配選以下兩種鍋寶(白飯一碗) The One Deluxe Hot Pot with a Bowl of Rice (Please Choose 2 Types of Hot Pot from the List lower portion P15 酸菜白肉鍋 Sliced Pork with Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot 11.75 P16 清燉牛肉鍋 The One Beef Hot Pot 11.95 P17 紅燒牛肉鍋 Spicy Beef H ot Pot 11.95 P18 紅燒牛肚鍋 Spi cy Beef Tripe Hot Pot 11.95 P19 沙茶牛肉鍋 Spicy Satay Beef Hot Pot 12.75 P20 清燉羊肉鍋 The One Lamb Hot Pot 12.75 P21 沙茶羊肉鍋 Spicy Satay Lamb Hot Pot 12.75 P22 野味疏菜 The One Vegetable Hot Pot 12.50 以上所有鍋寶均配有寬粉,青菜,豆腐,丸子, 一碗白飯

All hotpots come with vegetables, wide bean thread, various meatballs and a side of rice. 若白飯須換成寬粉, 細粉, 白麵, 或麵線須加收 $1.00 To change your rice to wide bean thread, thin bean thread, noodle, or thin noodle for $1.00 若對任何食材過敏, 請告知點餐服務員. Please notify your server of any allergies or specific preferences.炸 deep-fry, deep-fat fry 烧 stew after frying, braise 烤 roast, bake, toast, grill, barbecue 蒸 steam 煸 sauté, stir-fry before stewing 煨 stew , simmer 爆 quick-fry, stir-fry, sauté 熏 smoke 扣 steam 煮 boil, poach, parboil 烹 steam, boil 炙 broil, roast 炒 fry, quick-fry 溜 quick-fry 扒 fry and stew/braise 焖 braise 烩 braise, assort 炝 quick-fry, mix 卤 stew in soy sauce, pot-stew 炖 braise, stew 酿/填 brew, stuff 拌 toss, mix 涮 instant-boil 煎 pan-fry 氽 dip-boil 腌 steep 焙 broil, bake 烘 bake 酱 marinate, season with soy sauce 腊 cure 软炸 soft-fry 酱烧 braise in soy sauce 红烧 braise/stew in brown sauce/soy sauce 白灼 scald, blanch 铁扒 grill 盐焗 broil with salt 清蒸 steam in plain soup 酒蒸 steam with wine 清炖 stew/braise in plain/clear soup 粉蒸 steam with rice powder 干烧 braise with hot chili 干炸 deep-fry 酒酿 stuff 生焖 braise 干烹 steam in hot sauce锅贴 pan-fry 干煸 dry-sauté, sauté 水煮 stew, poach 油焖 fricassee 糟溜 stew in fermented rice sauce 醋溜 sauté with vinegar 罐焖 pot-fricassee 生爆 sauté 酱爆 sauté in brown sauce 油爆 sauté in deep oil 生炒 fry 叉烧 barbecue, roast 油淋 drip-fry with oil, scald in boiling oil 嫩煮 scald 炙烧 grill

烧烤 拔丝 嫩煎barbecue, roast 串烧 caramelize, toffee 冰镇 sauté, quick-fry 捣碎skewer ice mash